Thursday, 14 May 2009


Thank you so much my lovely cyber-friends - You really are a lovely lot :o) your comments have cheered me up no end... I just needed to rant & have a big old sulk - feeling much better now though & trying to look on the bright side.. Internet seems to be working fine - yippee! I've browsed the net & found a few possible cars to go & look at - yippee! & I just know my father in law is going to do just fine with his chemo, he's strong, fit & lives a healthy lifestyle..if anyone can get through it he can!

See.. much better!!! :o)

{{{hugs}}} to you all xxx


Unknown said...

Glad you are feeling better about things Clair, we all need to sound off now and then and some days just seem impossible to get through, Good Luck with everything. Hugs Avril xxx

Ali M said...

Clair..pleased to hear you are feeling brighter..cyber hugs obviously work..always here if you need a rant!

debbi taylor said...

Glad you are feeling better a good rant and a crafty session always helps! x

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