Tuesday, 28 April 2009

RIP Tigga...

Sorry i've not updated on here in a while. I've not felt much like crafting.. Sadly our cat passed away last week, he was very old (almost 20 years old) & he'd started to get very very weak in the last few months so it was kind of expected. thankfully he died peacefully sleeping in our garden in the sunshine, but its still been very upsetting for us all.

I have the opportunity to reserve a kitten tonight from a fantastic breeder we know. But I'm not sure what to do..part of me feels its just too soon?? but the kittens won't be ready to leave their mum for another 9 weeks so maybe it'll feel ok by then?? & the other cat we have is desperately missing her companion so it'll be nice for her.. but I just cant decide what to do????!!!!

Anyway I'm going to try & get on with some crafting today so hopefully i'll update again later with a card or two..


cookiemonster said...

sorry to hear of your loss,its hard to lose a pet you love so dearly,sounds like it was very peaceful though?wait and see how you feel about the kitten,like you said you might change your mind?take care hugs andrea xxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your loss, I was the same when our Poppy left us. Have a think about the kitten, sometimes having a new one can soothe the heart.


Sorry you have lost your cat it is very sad we do get attached to our pets.
Dianne xx

lil-paper-pixie said...

20 years old, your cat was clearly well loved and very well looked after to reach that ripe old age. I hope your pain eases soon, a naughty, playful kitten maybe just what you need.

Take care


LoloDesigns said...

Really sorry to hear about your cat. Sounds like Tigga had an amazing life with you all ;o) I have 3 cats myself and would be lost without them so know exactly how you feel. I think a kitten in 9 weeks will be just the right time and a friend for your other cat ;o) xx

Ali M said...

awww,how sad!but what a life to have lived to 20!Im sure you have many happy meories..We lost Scamp at almost 15 and he went suddenlly..I really wasnt ready ..yet his timid sickly sister ,Skip,still purrs on!
Im sure a new kitten will bring joy and make new memories for you all..but not fill the space Tigga has!

stampingcaz said...

Aww I am so sad for you. Sending hugs to all


Unknown said...

Ahhh Poor Tigga

And poor you so sad to loose a family pet. Nice to go in the sunshie in the garden (very sad though) crying just thinking of him there sniff.

Like you said the other will be feeling the loss too of their companion. I don't know if I could get another so soon I can only imagine how stressful deciding can be. But like you said you have a good few weeks to see how your feeling, you can always say no, or it may just be the right time.

I'm sure you will have plenty of wonderful memories and no cat (kitten) will replace him but may be will bring much more new joy.

Love to you all at this sad time.

Love Dawn xx

Whisper said...

Hi Hun,

Sorry, had no idea - loosing a pet is really hard and I dread the day anything happens to my dog, thinking of you, Sam x

Charlie said...

So sorry you lost your pet. Our cat was 15 y old when he died 5 years ago and we miss him too.

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