Saturday, 28 March 2009

Our Scraproom..

I've been asked by a few people lately to so show what my workspace looks like & how I organise everything.. so I thought I'd share with you a few pics..

Pic 1..
This is our desk with a chair & 12x12 mat for both Sharni & I. on the desk we keep our SU ink caddy, SU markers & cake stand full of basic tools & adhesives. Under the desk we have 8 wire basket drawers which hold, in order- cello bags - envelopes- card blanks - spare ribbon & adhesives - punches - other tools - more other tools - & boxes waiting to be altered :) above the desk are our shelves of penny black stamps (& a few other odd ones too)..Pic 2..
Ikea Expedit unit.. This is basically where EVERYTHING lives & on top we keep all our cards which are completed & ready to be sold or given out.
Pics 3 & 4.. Cricut corner! small table for the Cricut machine & the printer lives underneath.. The shelves above hold cricut cartridges,spare printer inks, jars full of buttons & other small embellishments, stickles, dabbers, glitters etc. On the rail below are acrylic stamps. The pink mini-r.u.b.s on the other wall hold all chipboard letters in alphabetical order.. Pic 5..
Ribbon!.. All ribbon hangs on the back of the door on Ikea curtain rails cut to size..
Pic 6.. Stampin up! cardstock.. all kept in 12x12 display dynamic trays, all with printed labels & in catalogue/colour family order..

Well I hope you enjoy the little tour..and before you ask YES it always is this tidy - its very sad, I know! but I admit I'm a total organisation freak!!!! :)


Belinda said...

Wow Care you are sooo otganised!!!!!! I need you to sort my space out pls, you & Sharni ever thought of doing a crafting version of Kim & Aggie? You could come & rescue us messy crafters that can never find our stickles!!!!!
Belinda x

Clair Matthews said...

:) :) :)Crafty Kim & Aggie! that would be sooo hilarious wouldn't it?? xxx

debbi taylor said...

i love your room - you are very lucky!

Belinda said...

I am hanging my head in shame, as you visited me you may have scrolled down and seen my craft space - that was at a tidy moment - it's worse right now!!!!!!! I can only apologise and say I will try to do better in future!! Sorry Clair & Sharni - I use the both of you together like I would Ant& Dec or yes, like Kim & Aggie!
Belinda x

craftsbyjodi said...

This week I had thoughts of giving up crafting but after seeing all your lovely craft room pics it has inspired me to keep going. I'm in the process of keeping everything in my room tidy and more than that finding time to actually do sometime with my supplies! Beautiful room and well organised! Your a woman after my own heart. I lovely organised work spaces. Can you come over and help me finish mine off? hahah

Julia said...

Your craft room is fab, so tidy and organised. xx

Karen said...

What an amazing craft room and so organised, lucky girls! Thanks so much for sharing.
Karen xx

Lisa said...

Oh my... what a beautiful working space.
I really need to go and tidy mine up (Blush!)
Lisa xx

Alex said...

WOW: What a lovely tidy looking craft room! I love it :)

Thanks for sharing pics of you and Sharni's room.

Can I ask where you bought your clear 12x12 trays by the way please? :)

Alex x

Charlie said...

This is gorgeous - couldn't you at least have left a bit of clutter somewhere to make me feel a bit better... =0)

Victoria said...

Oh wow - I wish my work room was anything like as tidy and organised as yours!

When can you both pop over and sort me out!????


Lavender stamper said...

Hi your room is lovely & organised.

I love the way you have stored the packets of clear stamps, can you let me know where they come from?

Many Thanks

Clair Matthews said...

Hi ladies - thank you for all your lovely comments.

Alex: the 12x12 trays are called Display Dynamics (very hard to get hold of)xxx

Lisa: the clear stamps are hanging on simple utensil rails with little hanging curtain hooks - all from Ikea & very inexpensive xxx

Kate Lewis said...

What an amazing craft space - wish mine was as tidy as yours! Thanks for sharing it with us! Kate x

Lynne in NI said...

Oooh... I've very jealous of your lovely crafting space - its better equipped than my local craft shop!

kay said...

wow,such a organised area,i love it,

Sam said...

So tidy, wish I was that organised! I usually have lots of half finished projects on the worktop.... perhaps I should use this holiday to finish them and have a major tidy up!

TCake said... envious... lovely room.. Tx

Tracy Wray aka Trak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Beautiful craft room! I'm going to Ikea today to get the Ikea Expedit unit. What did you use in the Expedit unit for the paper trays? I see see through trays.


Maria said...

Love your scraproom. So light, nice colors. Great storage idea's.

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