Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowy day!

We've had a huge amount of fun today..the snow here in Brighton is amazing! No school or college for the girls & no work for Alan meant a fun day in the snow, all my family were also off work so they all came around to ours, had a lovely cooked brekkie & then we all wrapped up warm and walked over the fields...

They came up with the idea of using rope to attach the sledge to the back of Alans quad & pulling it around the field...totally mad, but the kids (& adults too) loved it!!!! Here's some very crazy pics of our afternoon...

Hope you all had as much fun as we did!!! xxx
P.S.. We haven't forgotton about the 'February Sharni Specials' - First one will be on here tomorrow- ooohhh how exciting!!!


Julia said...

Now that does look like fun!!

Ali M said...

wowww...What fun you have all great to be able to spend the day together!
we didnt have much here in our village in Shropshire..but Abi & i and some of the others children spent some time out side after school making a snow man..very cold little girl after an hour or so..!!

Kara said...

That looks like it was a load of fun! I've actually done that before in Canada!

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