Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Ok, its time!!!!

Here's my very first Sharni Special..

Mum & I are giving you the chance to win a packet of the gorgeous PENNY BLACK 'Hugs' acrylic stamps, these are the brand new Valentines 2009 collection.. All you have to do to win this lovely stamp set is leave a reply to this post letting us know why Valentines day is so special for you & what you will be doing to celebrate it???

Everyone who replies will have their name put into a hat, we will pick out the lucky winner on Valentines day itself.
Now if you have your own blog and are kind enough to share this & add a link to our blog from yours you will have your name added into the hat again...giving you a higher chance of winning.

Good luck to you all...Looking forward to reading all your replies, Luv Sharni xxx


Ali M said...

As a couple Ade & I have always bought each other a little gift for Valentines..A day to make each other feel extra special,not just special..!
our DD Abi was as a result of ICSI fertility treatment..It was on Valentines day 2003 that we found out we were expecting ONE baby..So that was something to make us both feel extra,EXTRA special..!

i have no idea what we will do on this valentines day as ade is working all day but i shall no doubt cook a special supper for us..or we will have a take away after abi has gone to bed!

So Sharni..what will you be doing..?

Anonymous said...

I love Valentines day because it is a day to think about the people we love. I usually cook a nice meal, get some meat from the butchers or M&S and just relax with Chris! We don't go out on the day for a meal because it's so busy and overpriced. It is my sis-in-laws wedding anniversary too, they got married at Busch Gardens :)
What'll you be doing Sharni?

Sara said...

Hello Sharni!
That stamp set is cool!
I have to admit we don't get much time for valentines day since the little ones arrived, but one of us usually cooks a nice meal for the other one, then afterwards we turn our sofa around so we can snuggle up with a romantic or funny DVD!
We enjoy it anyway!

LoloDesigns said...

Hi would love to win these stamps, don't have any Penny Black ones yet!

Valentines day for me is spent with my partner, he is the kind that likes to throw surprises and spoil me! So I will be doing something but don't know what ;o) One year he bought me a leather Kipling handbag I had seen on TV once, and another year it was a surprise weekend in Spain, I am a very lucky lady!

LoloDesigns said...

Forgot to say, have put a link to this giveaway on my blog

Debbie H said...

OK slightly jealous that everyones Valentines seem so much more 'special' than mine. My DH is rubbish at remembering birthdays and anniversaries but at least it's almost impossible for him to overlook Valentines Day - so at least I'm sure of a card or pressie!!!
As for cooking him a special meal - you gotta be kidding!! Takeaway all the way!!

Sally said...

We prefer to stay in with a takeaway as it is so busy everywhere on Valentine's day. DH used to buy me red roses, but they were so expensive on that one day that I told him not to, because I love white tulips or something simple instead!

AuroraDawn said...

Hi to both Sharnie and Clair,

What a fantastic prize - DH and I celebrate with a lovely meal at home, roaring fire, a bottle of wine and a chic flic usually something like Love Actually or Nottinghill. He always spoils me, he cooks, buys me something nice probably stash this year) and makes or finds me a nice homemade valentine card. He is the bestest ...

Sharnie, I hope you have a fantabulous birthday this year.

I've have put a link to this giveaway on my blog http://auroradawn-ad.blogspot.com/

Whisper said...

We used to have such wonderful Valentines evenings, but now we have son, it will probably be a take out and a bottle of wine

Brodders said...

A wonderful gift

Valentines day to me is watching children get excited when they get a card from a person called ??? I feel sad for the ones who dont get any .... me i'll be relaxing after a hard days work doing the things I love xxxx

Charlie said...

Valentines day is not old in Denmark. I will make my DH a card but more for the fun of it as we do not seriously celebrate this. BUT I am not one to complain - my DH buys me flowers EVERY week (I know - he is something else...) AND remembers our wedding day etc. No need to forcefeed another day to him.
And yes I blog too, click my name in this entry and you will be taken to it. THANKS for organizing this Sharni - it is great fun.

Pam said...

Lovely Stamps. I love valentines as it means I can persuade the kids to go watch a dvd or something in their rooms, I cook my husband a meal, open a bottle of wine and spend the evening together (oh and the dog as she thinks my husband belongs to her!!!). Hope you all have a lovely day. Pam

Monika said...

beautiful stamps!!!

In my country is Valentines day so "young". But I think every year is bigger and bigger.
I love to spend this day with my husband, eat chocolate together and watch some romantic story on TV together or go outside for a romantic walk together... :-) But I like doing this every day not only Valentines day :-))

And I will post your offer on my blog. So I hope I will have a better chance to win :-))

Ola said...

Hi! I just found your blog and this special offer, cool! :)
For Valentines day me and my fiance make each other a card - his is always very cute and includes a poem he writes himself! This year we`re going out to a fancy dinner - all you can eat italian restaurant. I bet we`ll have to walk all the food off so we`ll visit some nice places here in Prague, such as the Charles bridge or the castle...
Good luck everyone!

Julia said...
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Julia said...

What a fab Sharni special! We don't tend to do too much for Valentines Day as it's our wedding anniversary on the 5th and then mine and my son's birthday on the 22nd, so as you can see we have so much on, it kinda gets missed!! But we always give eachother a card and a little gift. xx

curlywhiskersandtwitchingnoses said...

Valentines Day is about love and so a day spent with those I love-the more the merrier, being together and happy is special for me. I don't like the commercialism of it, more the message-'be grateful for the love we have' and being loved is the why Valentines day is special.

Maria's Cards said...

Hi, What a great Sharni special.

For Valentines I usually cook my Husband a nice meal and watch a DVD (of my choice lol) If I let him choose it we would prob end up watching Rambo or something (not very romantic!!)
I will post a link on my blog

Hugs Maria x

scrappyjacky said...

This valentine's day is particularly special as my OH works away during the week,so it is very rare we can spend the day together....so we are going to be able to go out for a special meal in the evening....HURRAH.

clare said...

hi..just found your gorgeous blog over on stamping caz's blog..so thought i would come and have a look..and then found you got some gorgeous candy on offer..hope im not to late..would love the chance to own these stamps..don't own any PB stamps.

well valentines day here in my house has just gone out of the window since having kids..lol my hubby will buy me a card on the afternoon of valentines day..from the garage on the way home from work..and then when he gives it to me..thats all he says"sorry its not much,didn't have anything left,and i didnt have time"well you can imagine what's on the tip of my tounge..to say back to him..lol but i don't cause im used to it now...10yrs...lol but even thou he's like that with me..im the softy and still go out and buy him something...and he says"you know you shouldn't have"well one year i won't..lol but i do send my son jordan 10yrs a card in the post..keeps him on his toes..lol

anyway hope you have a great day..won't be long now.
hugs to you both clare xx

im a follower now and ive put a link and pic on my side bar..spread the word for you.xx

Alice said...

Oh WOW!!!! I love Penny Black stamps!!!! And I don't still have this set, it would be fantastic to win it! Thanks for a chance to win! I love Valentines day because I am really, really, really romantic! I love the atmosphere ... roses, candles, a perfect dinner, good wine, me and my partner ... ohhh that's fantastic ;)
See you

Jodi said...

What an adorable stamp set!

I like Valentine's Day because it is a day to think about those we love. Since having kids, Valentine's Day has become centered around them ~ crafts, play time, decorating cookies/cupcakes/a cake, and having a nice family meal ~ basically just spending the day together.

I've added a link to your giveaway on my blog. Thanks so much for the chance(s) to win these cute stamps :)

Nicki said...

Hi Sharni - lovely blog candy, I'd love to win these stamps so please add me to your draw, and I've also added you to my candy list on my blog. After 16 years, my hubby and I don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day but this year I've made couple of Valentine cards for challenges and he's pinched one to give back to me - last of the great romantics! LOL!

Sunshinecoastgrl said...

Good Morning,
Congrats on your tips award!!
Our valentines usually is a family affair with everyone being spoiled with a card and a bit of candy. After the kids are in bed we crack the champagne....and snuggle in to watch a new movie. I've posted a link on my blog for you. in Cheers to you and yours ,Colleen

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

A fabby prize!!
I'll go and add you to my blog now :0)

Mouse40 said...

I like Valentines day because it is one of the most romantic holiday of the year! I will celebrate Valentines day with my husband.. candles, wine, etc.:)
Great blogcandy. Thanks for the chance to win!
I became a follower and posted a link on my blog

Wiccababe said...

Valentines day is special for me because, although I tell my partner and 3 children that i love them every day - I get to make cards and gifts to show them how much.
and hopefully we'll be snuggled up having a lazy day after I've taken the kids to see the Singing Kettle at the theatre in Aberdeen, eating chocolate lol
aren't these Penny Black stamps just the cutest?!

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Great candy. I'll be having a lovely meal with my husband this evening to celebrate although he is ill today. Hopefully, that will cheer him up! I'm off to post a link on my blog. Hugs, Lainy xxx

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