Thursday, 12 February 2009

OMG...Look at this!!!!

We've been nominated for the 'Best Gift Idea Award' over at Tip junkie!!!! all readers are currently voting for their all time fave & if we get enough votes we win a prize!!!

This has come as such a lovely surprise - Just goes to show, you never know who's reading & taking notice of the creations you pop up on your blog :)

I've added a link box over in the sidebar...Click on it & head on over there & vote for your fave!!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow that's amazing!! I have voted for you :) Can't wait to see you guys next Wed!

Monika said...

Really amazing, I will vote for you, I love your blog and your ideas!!!

Ali M said...

It wont let me vote at the mo..but will check again later...
Good luck to you both..Hope youve shared this on ILWS???

LoloDesigns said...

Hey how cool is that, just had a look on their site, you've got my vote ;o)

AuroraDawn said...

You've got my vote too

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