Tuesday, 14 October 2008

What do you think of this....

Hhhmmmm... Well I've been trying to think of something to do with these little test tubes that we bought, now I've finally come up with this card, It will eventually have sunflower seeds in the test tube...What do you think?..to be honest I'm not sure about it...any other ideas for using the test tubes??

P.S.. If you want to buy any test tubes off us just email us..we have hundreds! xxx


Linanna DESIGNS said...

I think this is a clever idea Clair, I love the card, beautiful! Hugs Linda x

Melissa said...

I love that idea! Its a cracking card!!! xxx

Unknown said...

It's fantastic idea especially for people who like gardening! :)

Another idea is to fill with smarties and give a Christmas treat attached to a card :)

Chris said...

I think it's a great idea and the perfect stamp to go with the seeds. A wonderful card and gorgeous colouring. Chris x

Clair Matthews said...

Awww..Thank you guys! Do you ever get that??..you know when you make something then your'e just 'not sure' about it??!! xxx

Nikki said...

Gorgeous... plus if you glued the lid on... you could fill it with a little white glitter and water... *obviously not for going thro the post unless well protected..* and it would be like a mini snow globe..

Or you could put jewellery in them.. or glitter... or plasters *for a get well card*

Ali M said...

mm,might be dodgy to post tho..is a great idea!well done.

Ive seen some thing on a US blog using test tubes will send you a link when Ive located it again..

Ali M said...

Here you go,,,
great blog with lots of SU creations on it!

Lovely idea..
I make rheindeer food to sell for nursery/school funds but package mine in cellophane..love this idea tho..


Sylvie said...

i like it but i would not know what to do with test tube!!!!!!

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