Sunday, 14 September 2008

New Penny Blacks...

We bought these new PB's at the Charmandean Stamping show yesterday..They will obviously be added to our swap...

1586K Aren't you lovely..
2072J For you..
1020K Dreaming geraniums..
3661C Wish big..

So if you would like some stamped images just read the details in the sidebar..


Kim said...

Lovely - wish I had known about this show. I went to Biggin Hill yesterday the Southern Papercrafts Extravaganza, it was ok but this sounds as if it was better. Plus I got my car damaged whilst there - not a good day yesterday!

Clair Matthews said...

Oh dear,poor u...I've had that happen to me before too - walk back to the car park only to find someone has smashed into the back of the car!!!Grrr!!!

anyway, Worthing show wasn't that good to be honest...very very small this time...worth a visit as its only £3 to get in but nothing special xxx

Julia said...

Great new stamps they are very cute! x

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