Monday, 8 September 2008

More bits for sale..

WHS Sketch set (10 available)...Brand new,cellophane sealed & unopened, selling in WHS for £7.99 will sell for £4.50 including p&p.
Art Glitter 'pee-wee' kit contains seven vials of ultrafine glitter ideal for adding a 'wee' bit of sparkle to your card craft project for perfect results every time. these have been slightly used, all tubes are still virtually full apart from the green which is about 3/4 full..
Colours in the Sassy Pee Wee Glitter kit:
#284 French Lilac
#92 Bananna
#270 Chesapeake
#158 mellow Yellow
#141 Magnolia
#94 Key Lime
#189 Pearl

£5.00 including p&p..

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