Friday, 18 July 2008

Birthday cards..

Hiya again..Thought i'd just show you some of my favourite birthday cards..

This stunning one from our blogging friend Linda arrived in the post this morning, its so detailed!!..the amount of time & work she puts into her cards always amazes me.. click on her name to see more of her beautiful work..

My mum made me this cheeky card & even copied my tattoo - how cool is that!

Here's a cutie from Keighley...dont you just love those Gruffies!

& my very best one was made by my little Sofie..its a picture of one of our Koi fish & lily pads..


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Chris said...

Wonderful cards Clair, and belated happy birthday wishes to you! Sophie's card is stunning. You have quite a little artiste there. Hope your day was filled with wonderful things.

Chris xxx

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