Saturday, 19 April 2008

We need this!!!

Sharni & I are desperately trying to get hold of this Penny Black stamp (1466K - You're the Bestest) - if you have it & would consider selling it,or know where we can buy it from pleeeease let us know...
Thank you xxx


Debbie said...

Hi Clair and Sharni
You can get this little beauty from HM stamps at I've not used them personally but a lot of the SBS9 ladies say they are fab to deal with .. hope they can help .. apparently they are really cheap to!

Clair Matthews said...

Thanks Debbie - but we have spoken to Dick at HM Stamps & he doesn't have it :o(

Kim said...

Hi Clair, don't know if you have tried here

she does loads of PB's and does special order ones too!

Kim said...

or there is one here'RE-THE-BESTEST_W0QQitemZ260231828789QQcmdZViewItem?IMSfp=TL080419104a24226

it's in Oz though!

Clair Matthews said...

Oooh..Thanks Kim xxx

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